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Dogfight Aces - LITE - official website
Take off with your WWI airplane, earn rewards, buy upgrades and weapons for your airplane and become the "Ace of Aces" in this stunning biplane shooter action game.

- Choose mouse or arrow controls in "Controls" menu of the game.
- Play tutorial to get into the game.
- Some content remains locked until you finish the Campaign mode.
- If you finish Campaign, play the Campaign once again with red airplane "Fokker" to play alternative last level and ending animation.

- Rise slowly and attack enemies with lower altitude than you have.
- If you stall often, get some "thrust" and "speed" upgrades.
- Turn nose down and dive with airplane to get more speed.
- "Thrust" upgrade affects the ability to speed up faster while diving.
- If you want to reach "Sharpshooter" medals, do not buy Tail gun, it screws up your firing accuracy stats.
- Bombs are fine, but Homing missiles are better, best with Guidance system.
- Malicious parachute is excellent weapon against Red Baron (Last level).
- Emergency parachute is worth the money. You have 50% chance to not loose life after you've been hit.